UMKC Theatre is composed of a team of creative, educational professionals who work actively in professional theatre. We build bridges. We assist the creative student to make the journey to becoming a creative professional. The practice of the department is to vigorously educate students in the many arts, crafts and traditions of theatre and to provide a basis for future careers in the creative industries. Our specialties are the development of actors, designers, technicians and historians. We expose our students to a wide range of theatrical influences and traditions. Under the guidance of extremely experienced mentors, creativity and professional discipline are valued and developed.

Our program offers intensive hands-on experience, in a conservatory training tradition, while at the same time fostering the analytical and contextual skills offered by a liberal arts education. The whole of greater Kansas City is our auditorium. The practical experience of theatre making occurs not only within the performing venues of UMKC but also in many professional theatres in the Kansas City area. We therefore stress theatre’s role in the overall civic dialogue, as well as giving our students professional exposure and contacts. Theatre is a passion. We seek it, train for it and embody it.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide our students with the skills necessary to establish rewarding careers in an expanding and rapidly changing profession.
  • To strengthen and develop relationships with professional theatres, artists and communities in greater Kansas City, and to devise major projects and initiatives that can make an impact on the national stage.
  • To expand working spaces for our productions, rehearsals and craft shops.
  • To enhance the network of UMKC Theatre alumni who will maintain their participation by supporting current students and new theatre-making initiatives in Kansas City.
  • To further strengthen our national reputation as a major American theatre training institution.



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