M.F.A. Acting Degree Requirements

Our curriculum is flexible and allows for the changing demands of the profession and our faculty members and students. We believe that actors come in many shapes and sizes and that no one career or training goal applies to every student. Our classes are taught in both the semester-long tradition and in short, intensive blocks that allow for concentrated study in a particular area of specialization.

First Semester

  • Voice Training: Voice and Speech
  • Stage Movement
  • Professional Acting Techniques I: Foundations
  • Individual Performance Studies: Auto-Cours
  • Special Problems in Acting: The Discovery Project
  • Theatre History

Second Semester

  • Voice Training: Voice and Speech
  • Stage Movement: Mask
  • Professional Acting Techniques II: Foundations
  • Theatre History
  • Individual Performance Studies: Auto-Cours

Third Semester

  • Voice Training: Voice and Speech
  • Stage Movement: Commedia dell’Arte
  • Professional Acting Techniques III
  • Master Class in Acting

Fourth Semester

  • Voice Training: Voice and Speech
  • Professional Acting Techniques IV: Advanced Technique
  • Actor Practicum
  • Text Analysis

Fifth Semester

  • Actor Practicum: The Creative Self
  • Repertory Theatre: Voice/Clown/Stage Combat
  • Individual Performance Studies: Epic Storytelling

Sixth Semester

  • Master Class in Acting: Integrative Technique
  • Research and Performance: Voice/NYC Showcase
  • Stage Movement: Epic Storytelling
  • Independent Performance Studies: Creative Contracts