Get in on one of the most exciting areas of theater production with a Master of Fine Arts in Sound Design, stressing a strong training in dramatic interpretation and collaboration coupled with a mastery of recording studio and audio production skills. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to design for the best major and regional theatres. Other employment opportunities exist in audio production facilities, audio-for-video production, film sound and composing, broadcast production, and sound reinforcement design and operation.

Major Components

  • Design: involving interpretation, collaboration, idea development and design concepts
  • Technical Skills: involving the mastery of the tools of production: Digital Audio Workstations, Virtual Instruments, MIDI, QLab, SSL recording console, Yamaha digital consoles
  • History: involving research, text analysis, dramatic history, design styles, philosophy of Sound
  • Production: involving the artistic merging of design and technical skills through the experiences of numerous and varied productions.
  • Entrepreneurship: involving the study of the business of the profession and career growth

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M.F.A. Sound Design Degree Requirements


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