2019-2020 Season

An Italian Straw Hat

An Undergraduate/Graduate Production

by Eugène Labiche and Marc-Michel
Newly translated by Felica Londré
Directed by Ian Crawford

October 18-27
Spencer Theatre

Groom-to-be Fadinard gallops all over Paris on his wedding day in search of a straw hat to replace one his horse has inadvertently eaten. Followed in hot pursuit by his Fiancée, her blustering father, and a giant wedding party of her country relatives, Fadinard makes his way through increasingly ridiculous situations to try to save his big day. In a new translation by Felicia Londré, with a contemporary pop music score, this hysterical French farce is not to be missed.


Fall Intensive

Undergraduate Production

Directed by Heidi Van

Nov 14-18
Grant Hall, Room 105

Annually, Fishtank Theatre works with undergraduate theatre students on a production that fuses form and idea in a devised piece based on the students’ themed class work.


The Moors

Graduate Production

by Jen Silverman
Directed by Kim Martin-Cotton

Nov 29-Dec 8
Olson Performing Arts Center, Studio 116

Two sisters and a dog live out their lives on the bleak English moors, and dream of love and power. The arrival of a hapless governess and a moor-hen set all three on a strange and dangerous path. The Moors is a dark comedy about love, desperation, and visibility.


White Rose: We Defied Hitler

A Graduate Co-Production

by David Meyers
Directed by Jeff Church & Markus Potter

Jan 24-Feb 9
A Co-Production with Coterie Theatre
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Based on real events, a challenging new work that examines the role of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

This gripping and intriguing play tells the true story of Sophie Scholl, a German college student who led one of the major acts of public resistance to the Nazis during the Second World War. The play contains little-known facts about Sophie, her brother Hans, and the civil disobedience of the White Rose movement in Nazi Germany. Scholl’s moral strength is tested while being interrogated for her crimes, leading her to question whether to save her own life or continue her righteous crusade.

Blood Wedding

An Undergraduate Production

By Federico García Lorca
Directed byVanessa Severo

March 6-15
Olson Performing Arts Center, Studio 116

Two families in a semi-mythical rural Spain are intricately bound in an unbreakable cycle of murder and revenge. The death-bound love triangle at the center of the play fuels these passions to a fever pitch and propels the story to its unstoppable tragic conclusion. An arranged country marriage between the children of rich landowners is about to take place. A past lover, himself in a loveless marriage, cannot allow the wedding to take place and spirits the Bride away, who goes with him willingly on her wedding night. An entire town goes after the lovers in the middle of the night where pursuers and pursued plunge into a realm of deep darkness where the moonlight is not friendly and the forest not shelter enough.

Playwright Showcase

An Undergraduate Production

Playwrights & Directors: TBA

April 16-20
Grant Hall, Room 105

Staged premieres by our talented undergraduate, graduate and/or alumni playwrights performed by undergraduate actors.


A devised production about what sets Americans apart, and what brings us together

Graduate Production

Co-Created by
Stephanie Roberts and
2nd Year MFA Acting Ensemble

April 24-May 3
Olson Performing Arts Center, Studio 116

How do we cope in an increasingly divided nation? Where do we turn when the growing schisms within politics, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and class have become part of our daily lives? Using physical theatre, interviews, music, comedy and personal storytelling, the second-year MFA Acting students take on these questions to discover how looking at America’s divisions can ultimately bring us together.